Corporate Wellness specialising in Transition to Work/ Home Support Wellness Programme

This programme will prepare your staff mentally to work from home or return to the office over the coming months by putting them first, introducing the topic of wellness and focuses on the challenges of returning to work in the office and the challenges of having to work from home and how to overcome these challenges. It helps your staff to get organized and confident about their health and puts their wellness first.

Your wellness needs are met by one vendor with one brand in one place. I will understand your staff health and wellbeing needs and educate your staff through tailored evidence – based sessions to meet your company needs. I will help you design your company strategy and eliminate the physical and psychology risk of work.

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Benefits to Company

  • Keep existing staff and attract new talent
  • Improve Health & Improve Absenteeism
  • Increase productivity (Research demonstrates a clear link between physical activity and improved cognitive function, memory, and focus)
  • Become a better company and maintain company culture
  • Motivate staff and improve their health
  • Get them loving life and work again
  • Increase Creativity & efficiency
  • Increase Connection
  • Improve relationships

What makes me different:

  • Personal approach to staff, I train and educate staff and provide workbooks and let them explore their own life values and beliefs and let them test out my wellness tools such as the Wheel of Life and the vision of life. 
  • Evaluate Staff throughout programme.
  • Work From Home Support Wellness Programs, I will inspire, educate and listen to your staff needs through regular coaching.  
  • Back to Work Transition Wellness Programs or Home Support wellness training programmes that will tackle the anxiety, stress, and the loneliness of working from home: –
  • 8 Hour Phone Support Line – dedicated to staff to answer queries.
    • Coaching Sessions for groups or individuals online or on site
    • Monthly sessions exploring a particular area of wellness.
    • Work closely with HR team or if no HR no sweat, I can provide the templates / all types of communication to roll out wellness package that will fit your needs.
    1. Explanation of wellness training programme and what it entails with Opt in and Opt Box and collect responses.
    2. Monthly Report provide summary of progress
    3. Engage with directly with staff about all upcoming and coaching sessions. 

Types of Wellness Packages

Designed to suit everyone’s budget, we promote tools and strategies to improve employee health and wellbeing, in and out of the workplace.

Emerald Wellness Package

Shannon Wellness Package

Aaron Wellness Package

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One on One coaching

We empower you to be the best version of you.

at events

Provide a fun and energised session that will empower you.

We have a programme that is designed to suit everyone’s budget, we promote tools and strategies to improve employee health and wellbeing, in and out of the workplace. We will in work collaboration with you and will help you at every stage of your wellness journey. No matter what wellness program you decide to take, you will not be the same company at the start of your journey, your staff will be happier and healthier and will love their jobs

All prices are subject to the size of the company.

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