Hi, I’m Annette

Previously I was a qualified accountant working in large multi nationals doing 9 to 5
and I volunteered to help on a wellness committee, and I couldn’t believe the
success it had and the impact it had on the staff wellness, people where just buzzing
with the excitement and had that “feel good factor” about them, it was a great place
to work, they loved making new connections outside their own team. Creating
content and speaking at the wellness events was so inspiring. Educating staff can be
so rewarding. Little did I know that the seed was planted and that I would completely
change my career and follow my passion and work in the world of wellness, now I
run my own business and coach and organizing wellness events.

I’m a happily married, mother of 4 boys work and a Health and Wellness Coach
since 2019, Speaker and Reiki Level 1,2 and 3 qualified and can’t wait to share the
tools I have learned over the years so that I can empower you. It’s my ambition to
help educate and motivate you and my community to improve their health. We all
have heard the stories about people who had to deal with life threating illnesses
(high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease) most of them accept that
God or Universe had chosen this path for them, little do they know that if they
changed their Lifestyle that their illness could be reversed. Did you know that 53% of
Illnesses in Ireland could be reversed? Pretty shocking right.

I was challenged with my health and was diagnosed with high blood pressure in my late 30’s and thought no way, this can’t be right it must be because of the kids that I have high blood pressure. I was healthy and exercised. I had to make big changes, understand my life values and re do my health goals and I am currently on my own spiritual journey that is still evolving. I believe we can make small changes to our health and keep moving forward. If there is one thing, I have learned is Never Ever Give Up you are so LOVED.

Now that you are here and you have gotten to know a bit more about me, I’m so
excited to hear more about you. Whether you have just found me on the internet or
heard about me through your friends, I can’t wait to witness your journey and see
you transform either through One-on-One coaching or our training programmes, I will
work in collaboration with you and will help you through every stage of your wellness
journey. If there is one thing I can leave you with you, is you are on the right path,
you have barely touched the surface.

To Your Amazing Journey


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