1. Drink 2 litres of water daily

2. Just for today, Listen to everyone’s conversation.

3. Mediate 5 to 10 minutes – sit quietly and let go of your thoughts as they come up.

4. Get 8 hours sleep every night. You will feel better after a good night sleep

5. Compliment – Give and receive a compliment without rejecting them. Say “Thank you” nothing more

6. Give

Offer someone your time after work, be it a neighbour or friend to help out.

7. Look for a new interest and try it out. Like book an 8 week session


organize time for yourself away from everybody. Go to woods, sea etc and just sit with a cuppa

9. Self care

One night a week , have a bath, exfoliate, do your nails, tan etc to feel good

10. Do a food diary and review what you eat and why you do and see if there is a pattern and change if needed

11. Organized

Do a big clear out in your wardrobe and drawers and change to suit season. Throw out old clothes etc

12. Be Grateful, stand in the shower, last thing at bed at night and say quickly what you where grateful for that day.

13. Spend one on one time with one of your kids or a friend – no phones be present

14. Write it down, get feelings to paper if there is something weighing you down. The release can be really beneficial

15. Book your long over due appointments. Dentist. Physio. Hair dresser. Nails , nutritionist etc

16. Buy a book or listen to a new podcast you are interested in and book yourself one night a week.

17. Wear your best outfit every day and feel good.

18. Change one thing you do during the week regularly to something that motivates you, excites you or challenges you.

19. Be calm. When you’re feeling frustrated, resistant or anxious today, breathe deeply, soften your body, and choose peace instead

20. Look in the mirror and SMILE and give yourself compliments, say three things or more that you love about yourself.

21. Veg, Try to squeeze another vegetable into your day, wither by smoothie, extra serving at dinner

22. Write a love letter to yourself, don’t over think it. Let the pen flow

23. Focus on your achievements to date and pat yourself on the back. You are doing a great job and look at your future and what you can achieve.

24. Do keep fit class to music or try something new that you have always wanted to do. Go on give it go.

25. Preparation

the key to a good diet. Get prepared have fridge packed with good foods and have snacks ready where you go and prep like the boss.

26. If you have a rough day, be gentle on yourself when you come home, show yourself some extra love and be compassionate to yourself.

27. Look for a new self-care habit that you can implement going forward. Ask your friends what they do. I go bed early every Wednesday with a good magazine or book and a cuppa and go to bed early. Sets me up mid week

28. Exercise in a way that feels great. Notice how good it feels to move your body...and to do so in a way that feels light, loving and intuitive.

29. When in the shower, use your favourite products all the time and think of the water washing away any stress you may had or prepare your day by 2 minute visual.

30. Build healthy relationship. Look for ways to improve

31. Its OK not to be OK, sometimes we just need to accept our feelings.


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