Teacher Wellness
Guide - € 595

Wellness Guide for Teachers

This program will concentrate on improving your wellbeing and boost morale and provide techniques to de-stress. We know teachers have the most stressful job on the planet, one in five will experience burnout symptoms). This program is going to drill down into day-by-day areas and provide tips and Reiki techniques to help elevate stress.

For those with limited time these phases can be purchased individually.

This Wellness Guide for Teachers will give you guidance on:

Phase 1

Introduction to wellness

Phase 2

How to prepare mentally before and after class

Phase 3

Reiki Principles and Breathwork.

Phase 4

Managing stress

Phase 5

Importance of breaks and downtime after work

Phase 6

How to handle Parents and Parent Teacher Meetings

Phase 7

Exercise and Diet

I hope the above wellness pack excites you and gives you the reassurance that you have the tools and knowledge to help relieve stress and live a happier healthy version of you and that you look forward to going to school every day no matter how challenging.

Go raibh mile maith agut.

Annette Reilly

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